Tuesday, September 19, 2017

10/31/16 (2017) Teaser Trailer and Finishing Funds Campaign

IMDb.com SYNOPSIS: Blood soaked tales of horror and the macabre await you in this terrifying anthology in the vein of VHS, Trick r Treat and Creepshow.

Former drummer of the goth rock group, Evanescence, Rocky Gray, has put together a new anthology horror film that features five interwoven tales of terror taking place on Halloween last year. From Red Letter Entertainment, 10/31 features stories directed by Justin M. Seaman (The Barn), Brett DeJager (Bonejangles), Zane Hershberger (Devilution), John William Holt (The Dooms Chapel Horror), and Rocky Gray in his directorial debut. Rocky will also be providing the music composition for the film as well.

An Indiegogo page has been set up to help the film through the final stages of post-production, some of the perks include signed and unsigned DVD, VHS, 11x17 poster and CD soundtrack of the film, two Samhain Slasher masks, a signed Samhain Ouija board, plus more so if you’d like to sign up and get some awesome perks, click here. The newly released 10/31 teaser trailer is below.


10/31/16 Online:

Rocky Gray Online:

Monday, September 18, 2017


I found a bunch of Halloween and horror music videos on Youtube and Vimeo (some I edited myself) and stuck them all together into six 1hour+ musical compilations. Check back on Monday this month and next to see a new set of music videos. Here's Part 2, the playlist of songs is below the video:

01 Boogieman - The Hellfreaks (HalloweeN Franchise Movie Montage)
02 Halloween Again - The Zombie Dandies
03 Halloween and Halloween II - The Misfits (Haxan and Faust clips)
04 All Hallows Eve - Type O Negative
05 Scary Song - Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 (Trick 'r Treat clips)
06 She Rocks Like a Witch - GARY84 (Great Pumpkin clips)
07 Halloween - Dead Kennedys (Three Stooges spooky clips)
08 They're Coming - Horror Section (Halloween III clips)
09 Halloween the Musical - (Don't Fear the Reaper animated spoof)
10 HauntedWeen Theme Song - Ernest Raymer (HauntedWeen clips)
11 Halloween - Siouxsie and the Banshees (Night on Bald Mountain animation)
12 Elvira Mistress of the Dark - Ghoultown
13 Midnight Spookshow - Calabrese (Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow clips)
14 American Witch - Rob Zombie (animation)
15 Collide O Scope Trailer
16 Boogie Man - K.C. and the Sunshine Band (Universal Monster Movie clips)
17 Everyday Is Halloween In My World - My Son The Bum (Season's Greetings animation)
18 Everyday is Halloween - Ministry (Horror Movie Montage)
19 Misfits Re-Animated Vignette (animation)
20 Halloween Theme Tribute "Return of the Shape" - Halloween at High Noon

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


An OSCAR qualified "shot-in-one-take" slasher film about a teenage girl who lures a masked killer by committing horror movie sins. Written and Directed by Shant Hamassian Shanthamassian@gmail.com.

"Horror Film, Re-Invented", read the Vimeo Q&A with director Shant Hamassian here. Buy the song "Dying For Love" here. 180 FESTIVAL SELECTIONS 50 AWARD WINS.

Night of the Slasher from Shant Hamassian on Vimeo.

Twitter: twitter.com/tonightiskiller
Facebook: facebook.com/nightoftheslasher
Website: nightoftheslasher.com/
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