Tuesday, February 20, 2018

TERRIFIER (2018) NSFW Red-Band Trailer, Soundtrack, T-shirts, Enamel Pins, Prints

No clowing around! Check out the red-band trailer to TERRIFIER, out in theaters 3/15 & 3/16, on VOD 3/27 from Dread Central Presents! A maniacal clown name Art terrorizes three young women on Halloween night and everyone else who stands in his way! Not for the squeamish, experience what Bloody-Disgusting called “the scariest clown on screen,” if you dare!

Pre-Sale of a brand new motion picture soundtrack composed and performed by Paul Wiley for the release of the full length feature film TERRIFIER, written and directed by Damien Leone. Pre-Sale is up right now in FOREVERMIDNIGHT.NET's online shop at FOREVERMIDNIGHT.STORE.

Officially Licensed Art the Clown “Jokes On You” Collection on t-shirts, baseball tees, tank tops, hoodies, mugs, slip mats, phone cases and prints by Sam Coyne (samhain1992) and “Art the Clown” Enamel Pin by Toto6 are Now Available! This collection has a HIGH chance of selling out so grab yours while you can at TERRORTHREADS.COM

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Watch A TRICKY TREAT Short Film

A gory horror/comedy directed and edited by Patricia Chica, written by Kamal John Iskander, starring Leonard Waldner (the victim), Steve Brewster (the dad), Andrea Fletcher (the mom), Keira McCarthy (the daughter) and Marco Reilly (the son).

IMDb SYNOPSIS: A man is kidnapped by a very strange family, and his fate is held in the hands of two kids. 'A Tricky Treat' presents a shocking tale of the unexpected with a twist.


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

THE CURSE OF ALL HALLOWS EVE Official Trailer, Posters and Stills

The Curse of All Hallows Eve directed by Guy Bodart and Lorelei Lanford, written by Lanford and stars Vanessa Coleman, Sean Morelli, Jean Sulli and Jaime Lynch.

IMDb.com SYNOPSIS: On All Hallows’ Eve a secret society of priests is conducting diabolical ceremonies in which humans are being sacrificed to appease their god, Samhain.


The Curse of All Hallows Eve (2017) Curse or Coincidence

Ever since the announcement two years back, Lorelei Lanford's 'All Hallows Eve' has been dealt one blow after the other. The film produced by Guy Bodart was eyeing a 2016 release initially which got postponed due to unavoidable circumstances and the makers are now looking at a 2017 release.


Wednesday, December 27, 2017


The Halloween movies are some of the most classic horror flicks out there, and the slash ‘em up villain of the movies, Michael Myers, is one of the most recognizable horror villains ever. And with Halloween coming up in 2 days, this seems like a great time to get spooky up in here. So get ready, it’s time to ask the question “What if Michael Myers was real?” Video by YouTuber Lifes Biggest Questions.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Watch TRASH O RAMA 2017 CHRISTMAS Video Mixtape

Welcome one and all to the 17th episode of Trash-O-Rama, Austin Popdan's 40-60 minute series of themed video mixtapes inspired by the likes of Forbidden Transmission and the Hypnotic Eye. For those unaware a video mixtape is the "best parts"of movies, tv shows, music videos, commercials or whatever edited together in a certain fashion.

Today's theme? Christmas! In our first ever Christmas special expect Coca Cola, heavy metal, mutant snowmen, punk rock, Mr. Bean, gore, nudity and a mall Santa snorting coke before getting stabbed in the groin by an elf!
View more episodes of Trash O Rama video mixtapes at Austin Popdan's archive account under the user name JamesBatman.

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